Each and every dog is cared for and loved as if they were our kids, because they are.  They are all family members of this family.

In order to produce healthy and happy Jack Russell Terrier puppies we have to provide parents and puppies with good nutritious food and a healthy environment.  We feel this is a winning combination.  
We do hope you will take the time to browse and read every page of this website. We have tried to be an informative breeder so that you can be an informed buyer. On the “TIPS” page you will find important information on: "Puppy Mills", "Backyard Breeders",
"Puppy Brokers" "Hobby Breeders", and "Full Time Responsible Breeders".
Also info on Training, Food and more to help you be an informed owner.

Check out these Links for 
Puppy & Dog Training = www.VictoriaStilwell.com 
Puppy & Dog Training = www.Cesarsway.com

 Registry = www.EJRTCA.org/history.html

Books to Read = www.savvyjackrussell.com

The Parson and Jack Russell Terrier Handbook

Plus "The Short Leg Jack Russell Terrier story".
"The Difference Between a Crated Dog and Crate Training".
Having a calm temperament doesn't just come from breeding, It also comes from where and how the puppies are raised.  We birth every puppy ourselves and raise them in our home with us until they go to their new homes.  

We want our little Shorty Jacks to experience only love and that begins with us.
Fox Fire Jacks
Angela Thomas
1372 Fox La.
(Suburbs of Roanoke)
Moneta, Virginia  24121
Cell Phone 540-798-4414
"Fox Fire Jacks" is "an open book" and we will be more than happy to have you visit and tour our home to see where and how our Puppies, Adults, and Rescued Jack Russell's are raised.
In the 27 years I have been Loving, Breeding, and Caring for my personal line of English, Australian, and Irish Jack Russell Terriers, I have strived to breed Top Quality Jack Russell Terriers. My goal was to have Short Leg Jack Russell Terriers that would do all the antics that the original Standard Leg Jack Russell's do but they would do them with a calm temperament. Along with this calm temperament, I wanted good intelligence, a willingness to learn, Healthy Jack Russell Terrier puppies, with a muscular body. I have accomplished all of the above.

My wonderful puppies when grown will range from
7" to 11" tall and weigh 7 to 17 lbs.
And they will fill your life with the best kind of
LOVE, LAUGHTER, and LOYALTY that you can imagine!!
Please keep in mind that I only breed the Short Leg with Smooth Coat,
Jack Russell Terrier Puppies.

My English, Australian, Irish Short Leg Jack Russell Terrier line was established 27 yrs. ago. 
In 2003 I went to Ireland and established my
Irish Short Leg Jack Russell Terrier line.
These two lines have complimented one another by giving my pups, Good Health, good bone, good muscle tone, very sweet dispositions, and the willingness to live in a multiple 
Jack Russell home.
(This means to have multiple Jacks living in one home in harmony)

All of my Mom's & Dad's have originated from my lines and have been raised and reside at Fox Fire Jacks to assure my clients that they are purchasing
"Fox Fire Jacks" top quality Jack Russell Terrier Puppies.

If you would like to have all of these qualities in your new family member. I am sure I will have a Jack Russell or a Jack Russell Puppy to suit your needs.

I also feel that it is important for you to know that I have been doing Rescue of all animels for over yrs. I know first hand what it is like for a pet to be displaced from their home and family. This is why I want my puppies to be what my customer need & want for their family. And I will always be available to help you and educate you in every stage of your Jack Russell Terriers life.

Plus If for any reason you are not able to have or take care of your pup or dog, they are always welcome home. After all they were my babies first.
The "Mitchell" family and their 
Six Fox Fire Jacks, live in 
"Hey ! You guy's out there. If you are wanting a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy with 
Super TemperamentGood Intelligence, and Great Health
You Have Come To the Right Place!!!"
An Educated Jack Russell Owner Makes A
I Have Happy Jacks!!!
(Your Happy Jack Today)
For more information Call or
Is A Breeder Of
Shorty or Short Legged
 Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
  English Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
Russell Terrier Puppies
Australian Jack Russell Terrier Puppies

Ethical Jack Russell Terrier Breeder
Jack Russell Terriers
Irish Jack Russell Terrier
27 yrs. ago
"Fox Fire's Dottie" 
with her first pups.
This was the beginning of 
"Fox Fire Jacks"
Irish Jack Russell Terrier
Waterford, Ireland
I brought home
"Fox Fire's Irish Tara"
7 other pups
to start my Irish line.
Jack Russell's
that live in harmony
My life would be boring without my Shorty Jack Russell Terriers.
If you need a friend? They are the Best
Fox Fire Jacks - Jack Russell Terrier Breeder
​"We help you protect your new 
Jack Russell Terrier!!
We Microchip them, so you don't have to.
And we also register it for you,
 at the time of purchase.
  Now taking Reservation 
 Available and Upcoming Litters  
If you have any Questions - Please Contact Me
Angela Thomas   -   540-798-4414  or E-Mail  
  Contact Page
"Current Litters"
!! Each Litter has  it's own Page !!
"Fox Fire's Zoie"

Yester!!  Years
We have come a long way!!
Jack Russell's
It is a lot of WORK! 
But we LOVE it!!!
Over a course of about 7 yrs. they continued to come back to
 "Fox Fire Jacks"
Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
Web Site Updated
July 13, 2024  

Jack Russell Terriers
I can not think of a better Testimonial!!!
All 4 puppies in this litter were sold to four families that already have one Fox Fire Jack.
I feel so Honored! Thank You!!!
I couldn't resist posting this Testimonial

Hi Angela,

Brady is doing great & is a fantastic companion. What a great personality! I have attached dis neutering certificate & a copy of his original vaccination record (so that you will know who he is). I am so glad that my research lead me to you. Brady is in excellent health and draws crowds at the beach because he is so good looking! Even my Vet is jealous! Meeting you and seeing how well you care for your dogs and the loving home they come from made me feel secure in getting my buddy from you. I will certainly refer anyone that ask about getting a Jack to contact you! I have also attached a few photos. Brady loves the beach & swimming! If anyone ask for a first hand reference for you please don't hesitate to give them my number. I have nothing but high praise!

Let me know if you would prefer that I mail these documents.

Thanks again!
Wes Simmons
Norfolk, VA
Wes - Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Owner
Brandy - Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell TerriersJack Russell Terriers
Jack Russell TerriersJack Russell TerriersJack Russell Terriers
Jack Russell TerriersJack Russell TerriersJack Russell TerriersJack Russell Terriers
Jack Russell TerriersJack Russell TerriersJack Russell Terriers
Jack Russell TerriersJack Russell Terriers
Jack Russell Terriers
Jack Russell TerriersJack Russell Terriers
Jack Russell Terriers
"Up Coming Litters" 
Angela Thomas
1372 Fox La.
(Suburbs of Roanoke)
Moneta, Virginia  24121
Cell Phone 540-798-4414
Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
Puppies in their porch play pin. 
This is their R & R 
time, out side!! 
My puppies are trained to go potty on a towel.
Now taking Deposit's on upcoming Litters
"A Movie"
The Never Ending Story
The Stone Man Says
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Do you want to be Free or  loose your Freedom?
Stand for OUR 
In the middle of some ones Life
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Fox Fire Jacks - Jack Russell Terrier Breeder
Before it is Gone!!
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"The People"
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Yester Years
Cute Pictures
Fox Fire Jacks - Jack Russell Terrier Breeder
Fox Fire Jacks - Jack Russell Terrier Breeder
"Fox Fire's Luna" & "Little Roc at Fox Fire"
Puppies Born
April 30, 2024
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Like your Breeder. You will deal with that Breeder the rest of your Dogs life.
"Fox Fire's Bendi" & "Grayson at Fox Fire"
Puppies Born
  April 18,2024
More Litters Soon
"Fox Fire's Angel" & "Grayson at Fox Fire"
Puppies Born
June 16, 2024
Like your Breeder. You will deal with that Breeder the rest of your Dogs life.
All Sold
All Sold
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