Fox Fire Jacks
Available Adult's
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Angela Thomas
1372 Fox La.
(Suburbs of Roanoke)
Moneta, Va. 24121
Phone # 540-798-4414
Below are Irish Jack Russell Terriers that were born and raised here at Fox Fire Jacks. Some times when I retire a Jack Russell Terrier, I want them to have a special family all to themselves.
All of them are house trained. All of my Irish, English or Austrailian Jack Russell Terriers are wonderful, sweet, and calm.
Because these Jack Russells have been raised by me.They make excellent companion's for an older person, especially a woman. Contact me to have an evaluation done by me as to which Adult will be best suited to your situation.
It is my job to place each of my Jack Russell's in the family setting that is best for their personality, and I take this responsibility very seriously.
When you deal with Fox Fire Jack Russell Terriers, it doesn't matter if it is a Puppy or an Adult you will find a joy you have never known. With a little time and a lot of LOVE all of my babies adjust to anyone who will be there for them. I will admit that it takes a very special person to take an adult in and love them unconditionaly and give them that time so that they will surrender to their new owner. In the 40 yrs. that I have been Rescuing, Jack Russell's and other types of dogs, I have received some of the most awesome kind of trust and loyalty imaginable.
Having a jack Russell Terrier puppy is awesome, having two is even more awesome, but having the love, and loyalty,  from 2 or more Fox Fire Jack Russell Terriers is totally awesome.
I hope you have the chance to experience this first hand.

Some of you might be wondering how I can put any of these Jacks into new homes when I profess to Love them so much!!
Well I will tell you it is not easy and some times I cry, BUT!!! 
The first thing and the only thing I want for my Jacks is for them to be HAPPY. And when they are not going to be breeders any more I want them in the 
middle of someone's LIFE and in the middle of their BED.
My Jacks are the sweetest loving dogs you'll find and I will welcome any back if it doesn't work.
I also require a fenced in yard or strict rules of walking. This will be at my discretion.
I also prefer to have someone  with in driving distance, to have my Jack  Adults

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Irish Jack Russell Dogs
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Jack Russell Terrier Dogs
At this time I don't have any adults that I could place.

If you are looking for a wonderful companion, please call me so that we can talk about what would fit well in your life.
For possible future adult placement.
Angela Thomas
540 - 798-4414