English Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
Tussell Terrier Puppies
Russell Terrier
Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
jacks in basket
jack w/ bowl
Jack under covers
jack w/bowl
jack russell on vent
jrt in bed
Jacks at play
jack w/bowl
Jack in kitchen
jrt pups
Jack w/ a toy
puppies in sun
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
Jack w/ cat
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
Jack Russells

Fox Fire Jacks
Jack Russell Terriers
Our Short Leg Jack Russell Terrier Puppies, have been bred  with a calm temperament that will fit into any family type situation. 
If you are looking for a Small to Medium size Jack Russell with the ability to adapt to your life and be that special Love of your life.
 You have come to the right place.
 We absolutely love our Irish Short Leg Jack Russell Terriers.
 Through the years we have provided many great families with the joy of having a funny little character to enhance there families.
We hope you have the opportunity to add one of our 
Irish Jack Russell Terriers to your family.
We hope you enjoy the cute pictures 
Some that are HERE & some that are THERE!!

Jack Russell Terrier pics
Jack Russell Terrier pics
"Jessy" and "Sammy"
Sent in by Tim Nemanthey
"April" and "D.J." are the Mom & Dad to these Lovely JRT Dogs.
Welcome to Cute Pictures
From time to time some of our owners send pictures of their Jack Russell babies. We also take some of our babies. So we thought you might like to see some cute pictures.
"This is my air vent when it is hot out side"
"Mom" what ya doin over there?
"Your not mine but I'll play with ya!"
"I bet we'er goin to Grand Ma's house"
Whats for dinner "MOM"
"What ever that was, it wasn't enough"!
"I don't think so either"!!
"I get to sleep in Moms bed tonitht"!!
"I'm not cold now"!
"Mom wake up and 
feed us!!!
"Move over I want to lay in the sun too!!!
"Kill that tiger, Kill that tiger"!!
"Kill that milk jug, 
            Kill that milk jug"!!
"Whatcha looken at"!!
"You don't realy want to sit here, do ya"!!!
"I Gotcha"!!
Jack Russell Terrier pup
Jack Russell Terrier pup
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
"Mom, I need super and turn the TV on Please".
jack russell
Jack russell
"Mom, I want to see what you have in that crate over there".
jack russell
"Ya think there might be some water down there".
jack russell
"I dont know, but I bet there is water down here".
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy on raft
jack russell
"I bet the team will use this Picture".
"Ha Guy's!!" Don't leave meee!!
"Now this is more like it"
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
"Ha"!!  Let me in.
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy on raft
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy w/ glasses
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy w/ glasses
jack russells
"Ha"!! Look at all this stuff.
Jack Russell Terrier w/ santa
Jack Russell Terrier by fire
"Mom" This is a stinkie outfit!!!!  "Ha,Ha."
"Hay" "These are cool shades".
"And this is a cool ride"!!!
Jack Russell Terrier by fire
jack- party
"Casy & Kilby"
  2 yr   &  1 yr 
 Birthday Party!!
"I don't want to be in that yard"!!!
"Baby it's cold out side"!!!
This is the beginning!
This is the END!!!

Who is this Man!!!
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
jack russell pics
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
Jack Russell Terrier Puppy
Mom!  Don't leave us in here!
         "How high can I jump!! How high can I jump"!!!
Baby It is  COLD out side!!!
This  is 
We Breed Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for Family Life!!
Contact Us to reserve yours!


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