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                                  Important Note!!!

Adding a puppy or any animal to your family should be a life time commitment. Just as a child is a life time commitment. The Love and Joys of a commitment, can only come when the commitment is strong.
 Some Jack Russell Terriers Puppies are easier to have than others. (As are mine) But they are all like children. 
They need LOVE, Direction, and Commitment. (If you do it right, your rewards will be great!!)
 My part in this commitment is to always be available to help with Questions about your Jack Russell Terrier Puppy. Know matter how small or great your question might be!! 
I want your commitment to be a FOREVER one.

I take all puppies to
 Dr. Joy Watkins
Bedford Animal Hospital 
when they are 3 to 5 days old, to have their tails docked, dew claw's removed and Microchip ID inserted. She and I do this together.
Angela Thomas
1372 Fox La.
Moneta, Va. 24121
(Suburbs of Roanoke)
Phone 540-798-4414
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Short Legged Jack Russell
Short Legged Jack Russell Terriers
What is so special about my  Jack Russell Terrier Puppies?

My Jack Russell Terriers are the Greatest Best Friend you can imagine. 
From the age of 8 wk's. till they cease to be, they LOVE unconditionally. 
From the time I get up until I go to bed they want to be right beside me. 
No matter what room I'm in, my Jack Russell shadows are there.
If I am watching TV, I better sit on a big chair so they can sit too. 
If I'm napping they nap with me. In their bed or mine.
If I am outside, doing whatever. My Irish Jacks are there, trying to help me, and make me laugh.
If you are looking for a GREAT little friend and new Family Member that will give you 

Fill out the Contact Page & Let's see about reserving yours today.
I assure you, you won't know how you lived with out ONE or TWO or THREE or MORE. 
We protect our Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for you. 
We Microchip so you don't have to, and we register the chip too.
We will be Super 
Shorty Jack Russell Terrier Puppies 
if you Spay or Neuter, 
Socialize & Teach us.
   Hay! Guys!  Pull togather and we will get it!
There is nothing like Jack play when it comes to a paper towel roll !!!

Ethical Jack Russell Terrier Breeder
I look forward to our future talks about your new Puppy and how to train it!!!
All pups are birthed at home by their Mom and me. 
The newly born Shorty Jack Russell Terrier Pups take a trip to see Dr. Watkins between 3 & 5 days old to have a Check Up, Tail Dock, Dew-Claw removal, and their Microchip inserted. When they go to their new owner, I furnish the information for you to (Complete the Registration) of the Microchip. This is done to give you piece of mind that 
I will always be there for you and your new family member.
For detailed info see the Pricing, Shipping, and  Detailed Info
or call me Angela Thomas at 540-798-4414
I am always available  for questions.

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We do ship our puppies to all States in the US
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Such beautiful Furry Babies!!!
Bedford Animal Hospital
Dr Joy Watkins
in Bedford, VA
Is our Veterinarian
Now we have it!
MaKayla LOVES to come to Grandma's House!!!

Welcome to Upcoming Litters

Elisabeth Mitchell
Loves her 
"Fox Fire Jacks"