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I feel that it is important for perspective owners to know the Breeder. So I will try to tell you my story. 

My name is Angela Thomas and even as a little girl, I have loved and wanted to take care of animals. If I see an animal in need I have to help it. I spent several years working with a No Kill shelter and fostering dogs. We also started taking in starved horses and cats. Consequently it became more expensive as we took in more pets. (Food, Vet bills, and housing) Then one day about 27 years ago, I met my first Short Leg Jack Russell Terrier. It was love at first meeting. He was such a special little Jack and so smart. I knew I wanted one of his puppies. I had to ask if he had any puppies. 

And into my life came a little Jack Russell Puppy that I named Dottie May. From day one she was My best friend and My shadow.

Her intelligence, devotion, energetic personality, feisty nature, and her strong will has been the foundation for my Jack Russell Terrier line.

There are hundreds of people out there enjoying the same wonderful relationship with a wonderful Shorty Jack Russell Terrier, because they have one of  her offspring.
After Dottie May came into my life I knew I wanted to breed Jack Russell Terriers and the money from the Jacks would help all the other animals that we take in to live and be well cared for.

My Jack Russell's are very special little dogs that are known for their calm----- . I set out to breed a calm Jack that would be a good family member. I believe that you can breed the temperament of the dog. You can breed calm in and you can breed calm out. I try to breed calm and good temperament in all my Jack Russell Puppies, A long with good HEALTH. The wonderful temperament of our Jack Russell's, eagerness to please and a high level of intelligence make them an excellent choice for families with children, other dogs and yes even cats.
jack russell
Jack Russell Terriers
I hope you enjoyed your visit to this page and reading about us and what I do. 
If you have any questions about Jack Russell Terriers or 
Jack Russell Puppies. You may call me. 
I should be able to answer your questions. I have been working with rescue dogs and Jacks from birth through geriatric for over 40 yrs. There isn't much I don't know.
I look forward to specking with you about one of my 
favorite subjects. "JACKS"
 We are  Breeders of Small to Medium 
 Australian - Irish Short Leg Jack Russell Terrier. 
Specializing in short leg Jack Russell Terrier Puppies, bred for family life with calm temperament.

We are also very proud of our Irish Jack Russell line.
(some times called the "Shorty Jack Russell")
I Toured Ireland to chose my Breeding Stock.
All Mom's & Dad's reside here at
Fox Fire Jacks!!
In the 16 years I have been a breeder of my Australian - Irish Jack Russell Terrier line I have strived to breed only Top Quality Jack Russell Terriers. My goal was to have a Jack Russell that would do all the antics that Jack Russell's do but they would do them with a calm temperament. Along with this calm temperament, I wanted good intelligence, a willingness to learn, Good Healthy puppies, with a muscular body, and short legs. I feel I have accomplished all of the above.
If you would like to have all of these qualities in your new family member. I am sure I will have a Jack Russell or a Jack Russell Puppy to suit your needs.
Jack Russell Terriers
Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
     Shorty or Short Leg 
Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
At the age of 16 Dottie May 
past away in November 2009.
But she will ever be with me  in my heart.
Dottie at age 2
Dottie with first 2 pups
and her best friend Princes the Dobbie - Rottie
I wish I was this young again!
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