Fox Fire 
All of our Jack Russell Sires are chosen for their 
sweet and calm temperament.
Sires and Dams are bred together to achieve the best quality and health in their 
Short Legged Jack Russell Terrier Puppies

Fox Fire Jacks
jack russell terrier personality
jack russell terrier personality
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Shorty or Short Legged
 Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
  English Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
Russell Terrier Puppies
Australian Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
"Fox Fire Jacks"    Angela - phone # 540-798-4414  -  1372 Fox Lane, Moneta, Va 24121
"Little Roc at Fox Fire"
Also know as Roc.
His Dad is Rocky Top

His Mom is Breezie

Sweet, Loving, & Gentle like his Dad

"Rambo at Fox Fire"
His Dad is Sarg
Roc has his father's good looks & personality. I look forward to many wonderful puppies from him.
His Mom is Ivy
"Alax at Fox Fire"
His Dad is Little Roc
His Mom is Holli
New Stud
New Stud
9.5" Tall & 11 lbs.
9.5" Tall & 11 lbs.
8.5" Tall & 9 lbs.
This little boy has it all!
Everything you would want all rolled up in this package.
Good Looking
Very Smart
His heart is as sweet as the one on his nose!
All of my Studs have to pass a Personality Test.
Alex is my Little Man!
If you had 10 kids each one would have different personalities & different ways to make you laugh. 
The thing I love the most about my Studs is their Love and their Loyalty to me.
He is such a little Cutie.