We protect our Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for you. 
We Microchip so you don't have to, and we register the chip too.
Fox Fire Jacks
We will be Super 
Shorty Jack Russell Terrier Puppies 
if you Spay or Neuter, 
Socialize & Teach us.
Irish Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
 Shorty or Short Leg 
Jack Russell Terrier Puppies
Prices and Policies of Fox Fire Jacks                                   

A) All puppies are $1,500 ea.             
     Australian - Irish or Irish.  All are bred for good health and superb temperament!!!)
(Keep in mind, the only Jacks I breed are the Short Leg with Smooth Coat)
To RESERVE your puppy a $250 deposit is required. This guarantees you by (first come first serve) that you have pick of litter until you find the pup that you want. Please make all checks or money orders, payable to Angela Thomas. All deposits are nonrefundable. But you may find a person that would like to buy your place on my waiting list. You may sell your deposit to a third party, or you may go into the Hold file until you are ready for your deposit to be put back on the active waiting list.

B) All Puppies go home with:
      1) Updated shots

      2) At least 3 warmings.

      3) Food to last until you are able to purchase some and info on what is best in dog food.

     4) All pups have had a visit to the Vet to have:
        Tails = docked
        Dew Claws = removed
        Microchip placement (I absorb the cost of this Microchip and the cost to have the Chip Registered to the New Owner.)

     5) Training Info

       6) Micro Chip register papers

C) All pups have been birthed by me or my Vet and me. They are raised in my home, along with MOM for around the clock supervision. This is my fulltime job. All pups stay close to me, until they go to their new homes. This is just one of the ways that I can assure you of a Healthy, Happy Jack Russell Terrier Puppy. My selection of the Mom and Dad assures you of a Jack Russell Puppy with a calm Temperament and high Intelligence.

D) If puppies are with me longer than 8 weeks, crate training is usually started. If you have a deposit down on a puppy and need to board your pup after it is 8 wks old, I will board for $10 a day. This will be added on at time of pick up or onto the shipping charge.

E) My dogs are fed Dr. Pol dry dog food. I would rate this food at a #10 Top Quality. I order mine from Chew.com. This means that your Jack Russell Terrier Puppy has received the best healthy start possible.

F) All puppies are Guaranteed for 1 yr.,  ( this does not always mean money ) for any congenital defect that would be life threatening to the puppy. I take great pride in the excellent continued Health of all my Jack Russell's. My concern is first, that the pup is well taken care of. If you have any concerns about your puppy at any time, contact me and we will make the best decisions for your pup, "to gather". Check with me on my policies. Always contact me before you take your new pup to your Vet or ASAP.

G) You will receive at least a 3 generation Pedigree with pictures of Mom and Dad and Grand Parents on it. With this Pedigree you may register the puppy with EJRTCA, UKC, NKC, or CKC. I will help you with info on how. 
This Pedigree will be sent when I receive proof of Spay or Neuter of said puppy.

H) And I believe that the most important thing is that you will go home with the assurance that you will always have me to help you with any questions or advice I can give you to make your adjustment with your new family member as easy as possible.
                                     My Cell # - (540) 798-4414

I) If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your puppy within the first 2 weeks you may contact me to discuss the return and possible refund of the purchase. (shipping is nonrefundable) I also take great pride in the fact that this has never happened.

J) We have an open door policy for all of our dogs. If you become unable to provide a home for the Jack, you may return the dog at any time during its life. We are a Rescue Service also and will gladly find a new home for any Jack Russell Terrier that is in need.

K) All Puppies, Rescues and Adults are Micro Chipped and registered to the new owner as to contact. Normal cost for this can be up to $100.00.                                  (I absorb the cost for this.) And, if you would like to put me as the secondary on the registration, I would gladly take on the responsibility of always being there for your dog, in case of your absence. 

L) Finally, I want you to take your new Family Member home with the feeling that YOU are now an Extended Member of this family. Your Puppies "Love" first starts with me!!!

Shipping:  When Possiable

1) Shipping is available when it is not possible for the new owner to pick their puppy up. The costs that are incurred are Airline tickets, a Vet - Health Certificate  ( required by airline) and a Travel Crate.
 Out of Roanoke I use Delta Airlines,                  In April 2020, they closed down                                                                                  all flights for animals. They 
                                                                                have not resumed them yet.
2) I will also travel ( if possible) with a pup to get it to it's new family if need be. (There is a charge for this service.)

3) To insure that your puppy is transported safely to you , all reservations and preparations are coordinated by me. The pups safety and health are my first concern.
What we do for your Puppy  
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I look forward to our future talks about your new Puppy and how to train it!!!

On this page you will find this Info

1)  Prices

2)  Info about Fox Fire Jack's polices

3) Shipping,  When Possible

We look forward to hearing from you!!
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