Fox Fire Dam's
Fox Fire Jacks
Irish Jack Russell Terriers
 As a Irish Jack Russell Terrier Breeder our goal is to place the right Puppy in the right Home. 
We Breed, Small & Medium 
   Short Leg Jack Russell Terrier's. 

All of my breeding female Jack Russell's are chosen for their ability to produce Calm, Top Quality
 Jack Russell Puppies

"Fox Fire Jacks takes great pride in having 
Intelligent but also Beautiful Short Leg Irish Jack Russell Terrier's"
My girls have the SWEETEST disposition's and they pass this on to their puppies.
If you don't believe me just look at those Sweet Faces!!!
SEE!!! Everyone of them have a Sweet Face!!!
"Fox Fire Jacks"    Angela - phone # 540-798-4414  -  1372 Fox Lane, Moneta, Va 24121
"Fox Fires Sophia"
9" Tall  & 12 lbs.
"Fox Fires  Anna Bell"
9" Tall  & 12 lbs.
"Fox Fires Dodie"
9" Tall  & 12 lbs.
"Fox Fires Ivy  "
9" Tall  & 12 lbs.
MOM is "Lola 
her DAD is Echo
When she meet's little kids you will know that you have met the kind of Jack that will fit any where she go's!
MOM is Oreo Cookie
& Her DAD is Rocky Top

Sophie is the perfect bed buddy. She loves to cuddle.  She is very intelligent like her Dad.
All of my girls and Boys are known for their personality and brains. Their kind heart will show you their Love, Loyalty, & Laughter for years to come.
 Anna Bell
MOM is "Ginger"

her Dad is "Echo" 
Her nickname is "Heart Head"
not "Hard Head" but 
"Heart Head".
If you look you will see a perfect heart, on her head. She is as sweet as the heart you see.
When Fox Fire Dodie looks at you, Your heart will melt. She is like the best kid in the class.
So, So gentle & kind.
MOM is "Nugget"
her DAD is "Echo"
Ivy is a typical EJRT, she has a sharp mind and she use's it to her advantage. But while she is working to get her way she will give you a love that you will never forget.
"Fox Fire's Classi"
8" Tall  -  10 lbs
"Fox Fire's Penny"
9" Tall & 15 Lbs.
"Fox Fire's Raisin"
9" Tall & 12 Lbs.
"Fox Fire's Rosie"
9" Tall & 12 Lbs.
"Fox Fire's Holli"
9.5" Tall & 12 Lbs.
MOM is Sophia
DAD is Echo. 
Holli and her Mom, Sophia remind me so much of my Dottie May. My first EJRT, Smart-Funny-Loyal, but yet Calm-Gentle-Cuddly.
MOM is Ruby Jane

her DAD is Sargent Waldo

This little girl is a one of a kind. She a true EJRT that Loves to Hunt! Frogs, Crickets, Mice, Small anything. She will go outside and when she comes in, She might be white or she might look like she has been MUD bogging. But she is so cute, you can't be mad at her.
Mom is Fancy Pants
her DAD is Wickett
Penny is as sweet as that pretty little face. And every pup is a testimony of her sweet and smart demeanor.
MOM is Penny
her DAD is Noble
When you think about all the good things that a Jack Russell can be. That is what Raisin & her sister Rosie are.
MOM is Penny

her DAD is "Noble"

And Rosie is like the last pee in the pod. Where you see one you see all three. They also eat to gather and sleep to gather.
"Fox Fire's Bendi"
9.5" Tall & 12 Lbs.
Mom is Dodie 

Dad is Sargent Waldow
To know Bendi is to LOVE her.
"Echo" is her grandfather. She passes "Echo" temperament to  her pups. Which is superb.
"Fox Fire's Luna"
9.5" Tall & 11 Lbs.
Her MOM is "Sophia"
Her DAD is "Echo"
Calm & Gental
She also carries the recessive 
Gene that creates the
 Rare Gray & White EJRT's
"Fox Fire's Rocket"
8.5" Tall & 10 Lbs.
Mom is "Penny"
Dad is "Little Roc"

Rocket is a little on the sassy side. She wants what she wants and take's what she wants. She is about to have her first litter. Her Mom was a supper Mom, I am confident that she will be also.
"Fox Fire's Angel"
9" Tall & 11 Lbs.
About 4 Mo.
Her first Litter, all White  
Boy & a Girl
Mom is "Bendi"
Dad is "Little Roc"
I chose the right name for her!
She is my little Angel.
She is LOVED also by all of my dogs.