Their All Jack Russell Terriers
People give them all sorts of names, but they all go back to the "Foundaytion Stock" that was started in England in the 1800th centrey
They were bred to be small hunting dogs.
The outer Appearance
Jack Russell Terriers are a small dog that can rang from 7" to  14" Tall 
and weigh from 6 lbs to 30 lbs. 
The average Short Leg Breeder, breeds 9" to 10" Tall Jacks
The average Standard Leg Breeder, breeds 12" to 14" Tall Jacks


They can also have different length of legs that rang from dwarf to short to standard.  There are three different types of  coat or hair types. Smooth Coat, Broken Coat, & Rough Coat. And then there are the ear sets, they can rang anywhere from a drop ear to perked ears to stand up ears. Most Short Leg Jack Russell Terrier Breeders will not make any guaranties on ear set, along with other qualities, once the puppy goes to their new owner. This is because every Jack Russell dog is unique
Each Jack will have its own personality and look, "much like people do".




Short - Shorty - Irish - English Short - Australian Short Legs  & Russell Terrier's 
Should be bred with good bone (not to thin - not to heavy) to make a well balanced look. This leg will be a little shorter than the length of the belly.
The Calmness - The Temperment - The Over All Look - The Health
Will very from Beeder to Breeder.
You want to like and trust your Breeder.


Parson - Standard Leg  & or Jack Russell Terrier - 
English Standard Leg - Australian Standard Leg  
This is the orginal desired leg for the Jack Russell Terrier. The leg is the same length as the length of the belly. This leg was desired so this dog could and would be the same size as a Fox. 
(Its use - Fox Hunts)
Like the Short Leg
The Temperment - The Over All Look - The Health
Will very from Breeder to Breeder
Fox Fire Jacks
Is a Breeder of the
"Short Legged Jack Russell Terrier's"
also known as
"Russell Terrier"
"English Jack Russell Terrier"
"Irish Jack Russell Terrier"
"Shorty Jack Russell Terrier" 
"Australian Jack Russell Terrier"

The Short Legged Jack Russell Terrier is a little dog with meany names.
Some  are also known as "Puddin Jacks"
(They all come from the same blood lines as the )
"Jack Russell Terrier"
 also known as the
 "Standard Leg Jack Russell Terrier"
 and also the
 "Parson Jack  Russell Terrier"
Up, Drop & Perked ears
Jack Russell Terrier Club of
Smooth Coat
Short Leg  
Drop Ears
Calm Temperment
 A calm temperment comes from the Jacks that are being breed, not the tital of Irish or
English or any other tital or Country that they might come from.
Breeding Calm Temperment, Health, Intelligents and Size is past on to the Puppies. 
Like and Trust your Breeder. You will be dealing  with her and what she breeds the rest of your puppies life.
English Jack Russell Terrier Club of
Click here : To Order this book. You can order on line or you will receive one when you pick up your 
Fox Fire Jack.
This book will give you Origins
Physical Traits
Health Care
Play Activities
Jack vocal & body language
Much More
Great Book for all of the info you will need
Rough Coat - Short Leg
Here at Fox Fire Jacks, we only Breed the 
Short Legged, Smooth Coat Jack Russell Terrier
We sell our Puppies & Adults as Great Companion Dogs, Therapy Dogs, & Short Leg Agility Dogs.
I am always available for any questions you might have about my Jacks or about Jacks in general. Please, feel free to contact me at 540-798-4414
Dwarf legs - Is some times referred to as a "Puddin Jack"
This type of leg would look like Dashoundlegs.
This type of leg can weaken the back and possible cause back problems.
Dwarf legs can also cause overly bowed legs. A little is excepted, but a good breeder will strive to have as good as possible body structure.
All puppies are cute, but bad health means Vet bills.
Chose your JRT Puppy Breeder wisely!
"Puddin legs can be shorter than this."
Short Leg - Shorty - Irish - English Shorty - Australian Shorty & Russell Terrier's
To understand who they are, you must go back to how they came to be in the first place. In the original making of the Jack Russell Terrier, they wanted a dog that could and would be a go to ground hunting dog. They wanted a special size and hunting ability. Thus the Standard Leg JRT was born. But in order to achieve the abilities that would be required, there was a short leg dog (not sure of what dog) in the mix. Thus some short leg puppies appeared among the standard leg Jacks. 
And as it goes (Breed Short Leg to Short Leg and you get Short Leg) - (Breed Standard Leg to Standard Leg, you get Standard Leg)
The Short Leg Jack has the same heart, for the hunt as the Standard Leg Jack, but the difference in leg changes the type work of each .
Now remember, the Short Leg JRT was to short to chase after the Fox or that size game, so he was chosen to do the go to ground tasks of around the barns, Mice's, Rats. 
With a lust for hunting, there was know place where a varmint could hide.  These little short leg dogs will hunt diligently to track a varmint out from under a log, out of a whole, from under the porch, and they will wait for hours to catch or chase off every unwanted intruder on the property. And they love every minuet of it.