Fox Fire Jacks
Jack Russell Terrier
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Jack Russells for Adoption
Jack Russells for Adoption
Welcome to the 
Fox Fire Kennel Rescue 

 Rescue's come from all sorts of places. Some from people who don't have the time to train them, some from people who just don't know how to train, and some from people who just don't want to train them. Some have wondered far from home, so far they can't get back home. Some are misunderstood by their owners and are just not wanted anymore. Some are from shelters. If they could talk, I bet they would have a sad story to tell.
I have found that dogs of all kinds have an easy time settling into a new owner's home as long as they are LOVED and taken care of. They are so thankful for this they become very devoted to you.
Please call if you have any questions about adopting one of our Rescue's. 
It can be a very rewarding experience.
The deferent's between RESCUING and Purchesing a Rescued Dog!!
Fox Fire Kennel has already taken on the responsibility of, behavioral problems, Shots, Spay or Neuter, crate training and a Micro Chip to insure our rescues that we are there for them for the rest of their lives. You, on the other hand, buy them to insure them and us, that you will LOVE and take CARE of them from this point on, for the rest of their lives. 
Both party's are under a great responsibility. My Rescues and I THANK YOU!!!!
The Meaning of Rescue

Now that  I'm home, bathed, settled and fed. 
All nicely tucked into my worm new bed.
I'd like to open my baggage, lest I forget. 
There is so much to carry.So much to regret.
Hmmm.. Yes,
There it is, right on top,
 Let"s unpack Loneliness, Heartache and Loss.
And there by my bed hides Fear and Shame.
As I look on these things I tried so hard to leave
 I still have to unpack my baggage called PAIN.
"I loved them, the others, the ones who left me.
 But I wasn't good enough for they didn't want me. 
Will you add to my baggage? Or will you help me unpack?
Will you look at my things, and take me right back? 
Do you have the time to help me unpack? 
To put away my baggage, and never repack? 
I pray that you do,
 I'm so tired you see.
But I do come with baggage, Will you still want me?

Written By:        Kim Pope
                                Fair Oaks, Ca.
I urge anyone who is thinking about perching a new dog, puppy, rescue, or if you have a dog that you would like to have a better relationship with or one that you have some problems with.
Click on this web site.
You may see his program (The Dog Whisperer) on the National Geographic channel. Please watch it and order his
CD,From the web site. I guarantee you, he knows his stuff.
If you have any questions, you may call me.
"Rescue Scrapbook"
Below are Pictures of some previous
Jack Russell Rescues with their new owners
To all of you for giving all my Rescued Babies "Good Loving Homes" and someone to LOVE!
Hi Angela,
Just a quick note to brag about Bloo (Formally "Blue". My son decided Bloo needed his name to reflect his personality, Thus the change of Spelling) Anyway, we took Bloo with to Bodega Bay during the break. He had a great time charging up and down the beach and greeting as many people as possible. He is just a super little dog. Before we had him flown out here, you kept telling us what a great dog he was and what a wonderful personality he had and I know we must have drove you crazy with all the phone calls. We just couldn't believe over the phone, sight unseen, what you were saying about this dog. After hanging up from one phone call with you, my husband says, "He sounds perfect. She makes him sound like Super Dog. I wonder if he comes with a cape?" And that was the joke from then on. When we drove to the airport to pick Bloo up, my youngest asked what plane was Bloo on. We just laughed and said, "He's not on a plane, Super Dog is flying in with his cape on." One month later I can tell you we LOVE this super little dog. He is everything you said he was. He's not perfect and you told us he wasn't. He's a shameless toy thief, he occasionally starts to chew on something that does not belong to him, and he has to be the first one in the car always.....even if it means tripping you to do it. All very manageable quirks. All very endearing. How can you be mad at that face? I will be forwarding photos soon. Until then a poem for your other super rescue dogs waiting for their family to find them. I'll be in touch soon.
                                 Kim Pope
                                  Fair Oaks, Ca.
                        Poem (The Meaning of Rescue)
Jack Russell
Home With
The "Pope" Family
Fair Oacs, Ca.
Jack Russell  & Family
Jack Russell
Jack Russell & Family
Jack Russell & family
Jack Russell Terrier
Jack & Family
Jack & Family
Jack Russell Rescue & Family
The "Lindauer's"
Fairfax, Va.
The "Cook's"
Meridian, Id.
The "Machesney" Family
"Hidi" & "Charlie"
The "Jones" Family
Millville, NJ
The "Yanaros" Family
Austin Tx.
The "Scarberry" Family
Fargo, ND.
"Dodger" & "Milo"
The "Zacek" Family
Kingwood, Tx.
The "Cross" Family
Gilmer, Tx.
jack russell terrier
"Mike "
The "Fina's" 
Roanoke, Va.

"Buddy" & "Teaberry" 
Alecia Neering & Amtonio Flores
Gaithersburg, MD
"Harle D"
The Morford's
Culpeper, Va
"Black Cat"
Candace Lundin, DVM, MS
Round Hill, Va.

Roanoke, Va.
Jack Russells for Adoption
Jack Russell Terrier - Baxter
Bedford, Va.
Millvill, NJ
Fox Fire Jacks
This is home for Him
Fox Fire Jacks
This is home for Him

My name is KC
That is because I am a King Charles
KC is good with children - Dog - Cats
I am 7 to 8 yrs. old
I would love to have a Senior Citizen to share a life with. I would be a good dog to have around kid. I also love to walk, so I could be part of your daily exercise.
H is neutered & current on shots.

This is Buster Brown & Charlie Brown
They are brothers and are Boston Terrier & Boxer cross.
They are about 9 Mos. old and will weight about 20 lbs. when grown. They love to run, jump, & play, so they will need some one that will take the time to enjoy them.
They do not have to go to the same home!!!
They have been neutered & current on shots.

This is "Danny Boy"
He is a Papachon, which is a Papillon & Bouchon cross.
He is 6 yrs. old
They do not shed, but they do need to be groomed by a Groomer.
Danny is such a sweet and wonderful dog. He would be a great member to any kind of family. Young, old, active or not. He is great with any animal, children or adults.
He neutered & current on shots.

This is "Harley"

He is  Standard Leg Jack Russell Terrier.
He is 2 yrs. old
Harley is an active Jack Russell and needs an active family that will give her the attention he deserves. He will be good with children, but not cats. Will be a great dog for walking or hiking. Harley is a very a little dog that is in need for affection and he has a lot of affection to give.
He has been neutered & current on shots.